About us


The specialists’ task is to identify the fact of violence, the responsibility for the violence, revealing the motives which lead to violence and revealing understanding of the violence consequences for the partner.


After completing the program the man is able to choose his actions with a clear understanding of what he is doing. You will get a professional look at your real-life situation, will be able to understand the causes of the incident, will receive the professional and human support.

Our basic task

Stop domestic violence through counseling of individuals prone to violence in close relations.

Deal with domestic violence and prevent it.

Train counselors to work with subjects of domestic violence.

Provide methodological support to psychologists dealing with domestic violence.

Our mission

We help men to renounce violence, so they will become stronger, happier and will bring the safety and well-being into the family and society.


Individual consultations and group work for clients

Supervision for specialists

Practice for students and volunteers

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